It truly takes a team, and ours is outstanding!

Here's what our staff has to say:

 "I live in the South Valley and have worked at Rio Bravo for 15 years.  I have always loved animals and have had many of them. I enjoy getting to know the animals as well as the people who bring them in, especially the people who have been coming here at least as long as I have worked here.  I also enjoy working with the everyone at Rio Bravo. They are a wonderful, caring group of people." --Marilyn, Manager, Front Office  

"I have worked at Rio Bravo for nine years.  Everyone is patient and kind with each other and with the animals.  I love the people I work with; we all pitch in to get the job done.  It's all for the animal.  There's always something new and also so many different aspects to the job, the after care, the blood work, the sample analysis.  I enjoy the challenge." -- Geanie, Vet Tech

"I've been working in the veterinary field for thirty years and I really can't imagine doing anything else. I've worked at Rio Bravo for ten years and it's been a wonderful family. We pride ourselves in taking the best care of your pets." -- Debbie, Vet Tech

"I have been working here at Rio Bravo for three years and I love everyday of it. Everyone's main focus is to take great care of of our patients and educate their owners. The relationships and trust we build with clients and their pets is my favorite part of the job." -- Alex, Vet Tech/Receptionist

"I've always had a love for animals, so working here is a pleasure. We have lots of repeat clients so that gives you a chance to know their animals more personally. Another thing I like is seeing how much goes on behind the scenes, the teamwork we have. I love my job!" --Alexa, student intern turned Kennel Assistant and Vet Tech (in training)!